It’s always a special day when we throw open the French doors to the sunroom after a long winter. We close them during the winter so we don’t have to heat that space, and it’s fine, but our house feels so. much. bigger. when we open these doors!

It was warm this weekend, so the doors were opened and this room got some (much needed) attention.

You may recall that we moved the couch that we had in here out to our front living room a month or two ago, leaving the sunroom bereft. It was fine. We closed the doors and ignored the issue. 🙂

This weekend, however, I was motivated to bring up the pieces of our outdoor sectional that we store in the basement in the winter. We’ll put it outside once it’s nice enough, but in the meantime, we thought–why not use it inside, in the sunroom?

The sunroom is plenty large to hold all but one piece of this massive sectional and it looks cozy and inviting once again.

Plus, just check out those views! There’s still ice on the lake, but if warm temps keep up, the ice will break up in no time.

Not sure what we’ll put in here once this sectional goes outside, or what we’ll do to replace the cushion cover that a squirrel CHEWED A HUGE HOLE IN, but we’ll cross those bridges when we get there.

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