Tad is almost a FREAKING YEAR OLD. It’s simultaneously the best and the worst thing ever! We’re so in love with our little guy and at every age we find ourselves thinking: THIS! It can’t get any better. And yet it continually does get better and better. SO WEIRD.

Projects have slowed down a wee bit on the home front, but we’ve been tackling some larger things lately and getting back in the DIY groove. It feels good, albeit very, very dusty. But this post is about Tad’s nursery that we created last summer, before his arrival.

Surprisingly, this room has stayed largely the same! The functionality has been great and we haven’t done any major redecorating…but that being said, we have made a few minor tweaks I wanted to clue you in on.

I had always planned on doing something above Tad’s changing table/dresser situation, but it took until this SPRING to figure out what to do without breaking the bank. I landed hanging a bunch of these faux succulent glass planters which give the illusion of life in this corner of the room. Tad loves staring up at them during the many many many diaper changes he goes through each day.

And the best part is…I don’t have to water these! Haha.

I have a faux succulent terrarium on the table beside his rocking chair, so these play off that nicely.

The only other tiny change we made was adding this sweet mini taxidermy deer right above the light switch!

This cutie was only a quarter at an estate sale and we had to have him. Isn’t he sweet? 🙂

This post is sponsored by ThermaLeaf, a company that produces fire-retardant artificial plants and foliage for commercial or wholesale use. Yay for safety! Dad’s a firefighter, so fire safety has been drilled into my head from a young age…and since I love plants but can’t keep the real things alive, I appreciate the thoughtfulness that this company shows when it comes to creating products that are both safe and beautiful. 

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