Buying rugs online is insanely hard. I know, because I bought no less than three for our living room (with it’s newfancy fireplace!)… Here’s the story and a glimpse into my troubled brain…

First, I thought, I should be a grown up and get a nice, neutral rug. But with some pattern to it, because that sounds nice! So I ordered this blogworld-famous rug and I knew immediately it was not the one.

In real life, it’s much gold-er and yellow-y than every single picture on the internet shows. And with my true white fireplace with gray/cool-toned tile, it clashed badly. Plus, the pattern was a dark charcoal, and with our peacock blue couch…just…nope.

So I made Ken help me package it up and we sent it back.

My next thought was that I should EMBRACE my love of color! Stupid neutrals. I’ll pick a rug that literally EVERYTHING would match with! It will be fun and great and awesome!

This is the rug-of-many-colors that I ordered. We lived with this one for maaaaybe a week before my eyes and my brain couldn’t take the chaos any longer. There were TOO many colors! I did’t know that was actually a thing! I didn’t realize I had a limit!

The realization was soboring. Could I convince Ken to help me package up and return yet ANOTHER rug? Yes, the main is a saint, but as I had recently discovered, there are limits in this world!

But the rug had to go. So I summoned up all of my courage and begged and pleaded and Ken rolled his eyes but happily (??) helped package this beauty up for someone else. And I kept shopping.

At this point, I think I’d looked at ALL 108,400 rugs on wayfair.com (and that’s an exact number; I looked it up). I’m not kidding.

I knew I wanted something that was neutral enough not to make my eyes cry BUT with some fun/interesting twist.


Introducing: the newest member of our family.

It’s much different than either of the two rugs I’d previously ordered. It’s woven leather with strips of metallic leather shot through it. IT IS SO FAB.

(I edited the above photo to brighten it. Quite badly. This is why I should just leave things alone).

It looks fan-freaking-tastic with ournew fireplace. It looks so good with our furniture. It looks awesome with our $20 vintage seascape.

(Above: spot the child-proofing rubber band. You can pin this genius idea to Pinterest; I’ll wait.)

It’s very textural and combines both cool gray tones along with warmer tones in the metallic bits.

How many pictures can I fit into one blog post?? The answer: ALL OF THEM. (Sorry).

Anyway, we really like it. Here’s the link. And if you buy a rug from Wayfair or Joss & Main, returns aren’t actually that hard (they picked the rug up from our front porch for no extra cost; we just had to package it back up).

This new addition to the fam is making the decor wheels spin in my brain once again (quite creakily, as I have not used those wheels in quite some time, but there’s activity). I’m thinking this room needs some chartreuse? and maybe mustard accents? Come back in 2020 for that thrilling tale.

In the meantime, the delightful primary-colored plastic-y hue of children’s toys will be the dominating focal point, no doubt.

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